iPad or Laptop? You Decide

iPad vs Laptop -Computer Repair Long Island

iPad vs Laptop -Computer Repair Long Island

Today I got a text message from a friend of mine with a simple question. Which one is better an iPAD? Or a Laptop? Not until that moment did I think about which one is really better. So I said to her that it depends on what you would use it for. For the same amount of money can give you an iPAD, or a pretty decent laptop.

But the truth is that even though the iPAD lacks some multimedia features, you could transform your iPad into a notebook computer, and the trend seems to be that iPad owners are increasingly seeing Apple’s eye-catching tablet as a viable notebook computer alternative.

There are a few key benefits to using your iPad as a laptop alternative. Let’s start with the iPad battery, it lasts and lasts for a while up to 10 hours on a charge, I haven’t come across on a laptop and netbook that can do that. The iPad weighs about 1.5 pounds, while most laptops and netbooks weigh anywhere from 2.5 pounds and up. And the later iPad models include built-in access WIFI networks and to mobile broadband without the need to get locked into a term contract with a wireless provider.

Main disadvantages for me when compared to a laptop or netbook is that the Apple’s iOS, the iPad’s operating system, doesn’t support Flash, which can limit how you experience some web sites -of course that will change when Adobe’s Edge is released. As of the moment, the iPad doesn’t support multitasking, and it has no webcam and no real option for adding one.

Putting those limitations aside, if you equip your iPad with the right mobile tools -carring an iPad instead of a laptop can be liberating .

Here are the top five services, apps and accessories that will turn your iPad into an essential part of your small business technology arsenal.

1. AT&T 3G Data Plan and Wi-Fi

An iPad with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity is ideal for mobile professionals. You can get online anywhere there’s 3G coverage to check email, surf the Web, access your computer in the office, watch YouTube videos, to name a few. The iPad 3G data plans are reasonably priced, and there is no contract to sign. My customers at L.I. Computer Repair use this option, and they love having the ability to connect to the main office from wherever they are, in addition to getting all their email on the device.

In addition, if you connect the iPad to your home network, and you are a Cablevision customer you can watch live TV, On Demand, setup your DVR, or even use it as a remote control for your cable box. I love this feature.

2. Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit and AirPrint

The iPad Camera Connection Kit is designed to give you two options for importing photos and videos from digital cameras. But what Apple doesn’t tell you is that the kit can connect other USB devices to the iPad, which lacks its own USB port.

For example, using the connection kit, you can connect USB keyboards to the iPad for more comfortable typing. You can also attach USB microphone/headsets which, when used with an iPad audio recording app, can turn your iPad into a podcast studio.

The AirPrint allows you to simply connect to a printer and print wirelessly. AirPrint Works with AirPrint-enabled printers

3. A USB Keyboard

The iPad has an onscreen keyboard, and it’s perfectly usable, especially in landscape mode. But typing on the keyboard can be painful after a while.

You’ve got options, fortunately — though one of the best options isn’t officially supported by Apple.

There are a couple of Apple keyboards the iPad officially works with. One is Apple’s Wireless Keyboard; which connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. (Third-party Bluetooth keyboards also work with the iPad.)

The other option is Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock; which, as its name implies, combines an iPad recharging dock with a full-size keyboard.

Your best option I’d say, a USB keyboard — connected to your iPad via the iPad Camera Connection Kit. Not all USB keyboards will work, however. So when purchasing one look for a compact, basic USB keyboard that lacks backlit keys, USB ports, or any other extra features that might draw power.

4. A Dropbox Account

For your iPad to be a worthy rival to your laptop, you need easy access to the files on your laptop’s (or desktop’s) hard drive. That’s where Dropbox comes in.

Dropbox is a free iPad app for syncing files across multiple devices and in the cloud. First, you create a Dropbox account (you get 2GB of storage for free) and a Dropbox folder on your main computer. Then, the files in your Dropbox folder are automatically copied to and synced with the Dropbox folder on your other computers, as long as those PCs and Macs are connected to the Internet.

The Dropbox iPad app provides read-only access to your files. To make edits on an iPad, you can choose to open a selected Dropbox file in a program like the iPad versions of Apple’s applications, or in Documents To Go Premium, which supports text, spreadsheet, presentations and other file types.

5. Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go has made it possible for handheld owners — going back to the days of PDAs — to view and edit Microsoft Office documents on their devices. The Documents To Go Premium iPad app carries on the tradition. It’s an essential app for anyone who works a lot in Word and Excel and wants to replace their laptop with an iPad.

Documents To Go Premium plays well with Dropbox (and other online services such as Google Docs). It enables you to access all your Dropbox files on an iPad, as well as edit the files and save them back to your Dropbox account (where they’re automatically synced with your computers).

The process is fairly seamless, though there are some downsides. Navigating between folders within your Dropbox folder in Documents To Go Premium can be slow and confusing.

The Bottom Line

After you spend some extra money in apps and adapters you can trick your iPad to be your laptop alternative. But even with its deficiencies I think it is fair to say that they are more than compensated for by the iPad’s size/weight, battery life and instant on.

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My Apple Love Story

So I am a PC guy, and a Blackberry user, and got a second hand iPhone4 from a friend. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave my known Blackberry world and move to the Apple world, but I did it, and I will share my transition experience soon. Everything was working great for about a week, until yesterday when I got home and accidentally dropped my phone on my driveway and cracked the screen.

I didn’t know until that moment that I was already in love with the iPhone, and I had to get it fixed. I downloaded the Apple app, and made an appointment with the “Genius Bar” what a clever name. So I took my phone the next day to find out how much will cost me to fix it. Sharing my problem with some of my coworkers suggestions that to fix the problem would cost more than the phone was brought up, some thought that it would cost me $100 dollars if I do it myself. Some just say to live with it, that it wasn’t too bad.

So I went to my appointment at the “Genius Desk” some 40 minutes before the store closes, I signed in, and I guess the bartender from the Genius bar called my name. I showed him the problem, he makes a face, like showing that there’s nothing he can do and tells me. “We can’t replace the screen” as he keeps typing something on some modified iPods they use to keep track of your account. “And the phone isn’t registered under your name” he continues. I explained to him about how I got the phone, and he registers my phone under my name. After he goes, “the phone is out of warranty, and since we can’t replace the screen, you can get a new replacement phone for $199. I said “I can’t believe you guys can’t replace just the screen” he said we can only replace the back plate, that’s how the phones are designed.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $200 dollars, so I stayed quite for a couple of seconds while he kept typing on that iPod, then he looks at me and says “maybe I can do something for you, I’m just going to swap your phone for a new one -it’s a one deal OK? Accidents happen, and this one wasn’t your fault -I’ve dropped my phone many times he continued, and nothing ever happened to it, but the angle your phone fell cracked the screen he said” So he opens a new box, takes out the phone, and starts the registration process.

I could not believe what was happening, in about 15 minutes I got a shiny new iPhone and I paid nothing for it. I’ve dealt with many companies, and had bad experiences with products and services, but no one has solve my problem to such a high level of satisfaction like Apple did. In the long term it works for both me and Apple, as more and more apple products can be found in my house. Apple stands behind their product, and understands the consumer’s needs and problems.

I’m a true and happy Apple fan!

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Keep your computer running smoothly. Don’t just click TYPICAL or EXPRESS Install.

Long Island Computer Repair -Solutions for your home or Business

Long Island Computer Repair

Install applications without any extras, or unneeded toolbars. Over time, as you install more and more programs, you notice that your computer begins to run slower and sluggish. You can prevent this by taking a little extra time during the install phase. Almost every program you install will add unnecessary components that start and run in memory every time you boot your computer. What you want to do is minimize the number of programs that run automatically, and prevent those unnecessary extras that get installed when you choose “Express Install.” Or “Typical Install”

We found an easy solution www.ninite.com, here you can find web browsers, messaging, runtime, images, development tools, etc. Go to http://www.ninite.com and see if the programs you want are listed there. Select the programs you want, and click the “download the installer” button at the bottom of the page, and run. It will install the latest version, without any extras, or unneeded toolbars (like Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Ask). You can also select programs that are already installed to upgrade to the latest version. No more No Clicking Next, Next, Next…

If your program isn’t listed on Ninite, just follow these simple rules of thumb:

1. When installing a program it should always give you the options to “Express install” or “Custom Install”, or something similar. The rule is to always select “Custom” or “Choose …”. DO NOT select “Express” or “Typical”.

2. When you are choosing what to install, carefully uncheck any and all of the following: “Google Toolbar”, “Ask Toolbar”, “Yahoo”, “Bing”, “Real Networks” “AVG Toolbar”, or anything that says “Toolbar.”

3. Complete the installation.

This will keep your browsers uncluttered too.

Enjoy Clicking, and visit us at www.lipcrepair.com or on facebook

Technology Solutions for your Home or Business

Technology Solutions for your Home or Business

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Welcome to L.I. Computer Repair!

Welcome to LI Computer Repair. Sharing information with the world.

We are a small Computer Repair company located in Port Jefferson Station in Long Island, NY. Our expertize is removing viruses, and spyware from customer’s computers. Recover data from crashed hard drives, MS Windows reinstalls, and more. In addition, we support small business in Long Island, and support their network servers, workstations, and applications.

We offer the best services at the best prices. Give us a try today -Get your problems solved today.

L.I. Computer Repair

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